Dermatological skin care


Benefits and correct use for a healthy skin appearance.


Skin care tailored to the individual skin type ensures suppleness and well-being into advanced age. Dermatological skin care products in particular are popular in the cosmetics sector, as they allow exact matching of the respective skin needs and are particularly well tolerated. The right skin care creams create a good basis for healthy, well-groomed skin. In addition, some skin care behaviors are helpful, while others can be detrimental to the skin's appearance.

Dermatology and cosmetics combined in high-quality products
Dermatology focuses on the individual skin needs of each individual. The knowledge gained from this mostly medically oriented field is incorporated into the development of dermatological cosmetics in order to create an overall skin care concept that is as attuned as possible to the skin's condition. The advantage of this is that dermatological products are optimally tailored to the physiological needs of the skin. The use of ingredients that are not permitted in pure cosmetics is also one of the features; such as special hormones that do not have a plant origin. Very good compatibility is a particular feature of dermatological cosmetics, such as those found in the Weleda Shop of Europa Apotheek. In particular, people who have sensitive, often impure or already damaged skin usually get along better with dermatological products than with purely cosmetic creams and care lotions.

The right skin care: it's not just the creams that count
However, a dermatological skin cream alone is not enough to establish all-round successful skin care. Comprehensive cleansing, for example by means of a cleansing milk in the morning and evening, should be ensured. It ensures that the pores remain free and potential bacteria have no chance to multiply. This also includes carefully removing makeup in the evening. This is followed by a soothing toner and - depending on the time of day - a fresh day cream or gentle night cream. If you like, you can apply a light foundation at the end. Every now and then, a skin peeling should be on the list to remove dandruff and small deposits of sebum. Side effect: The skin is better supplied with blood and appears in a rosy-healthy face color. In addition to these "care rituals", skin care from within is also recommended, starting with a healthy diet and a high water consumption of at least 1.5 liters. Other skin care helpers include adequate sleep, regular gentle facial massage and fresh air, which ensures that oxygen can be absorbed by the skin and give it a touch of freshness.

Too much alcohol and "over-care": no-gos in skin care
Poison for skin care, on the other hand, are substances such as white sugar, alcohol and nicotine. Their consumption should be limited as much as possible or avoided altogether to keep the skin healthy. For minor skin blemishes, it's: Hands off. Squeezing out pimples can inflame the resulting wound and open the door to bacteria. Likewise, "over-caring" with dermatological skin care products can have the opposite effect to the desired result. A classic feature of overly intensive skin care is sudden redness, which usually occurs around the mouth area. The skin care products chosen should therefore not be too greasy; even daily exfoliation does more harm than good. It is ideal to stick to the coordinated products of a skin care series and not to mix different brands. Even the order of application can be decisive for victory or defeat in skin care. The rule of thumb here is to apply the products with light textures first. Otherwise, these cannot develop their effect (sufficiently).


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