"…None of you present today can remember what is was like to run through the tall grasses of our Homeworld. None of you can recall what it was like in our Golden age, when our people were united, but suffered no hardship. Not one of your generation can remember what it was like to breathe the sweet air of Pride - and the burning fury that was only matched by the fires that destroyed much that we hold dear.

But you still remember in your hearts - and you still understand the desire to recover that which is lost to us. For you are all born under the gaze of the Great Mother, and your souls yearn to reclaim our heritage. As with the Lost Fleet, those who left knowing there would be no return - you are each willing to lay down your life in that pursuit.

If you weren't, you would never have made it this far…."

Tyrant Mrrshan, from his speech to the third graduation ceremony of the Feline Academy

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